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White House issues long-awaited IT modernization report

by Billy Mitchell • 5 months ago

The report lays out "the current and envisioned state of Federal IT, and it provides specific recommendations to jumpstart a new wave of modernization efforts."

OMB fiscal 2019 budget guidance calls for ‘bold reform’

by Carten Cordell • 6 months ago

The fiscal 2019 budget may be more than a year away, but the Office of Management and Budget already has a forecast: a chance of more reorganization.

Just the facts: The government’s data gets a clearer window at USAFacts

by Karen Epper Hoffman • 7 months ago

Experts call USAFacts.org the “first nonpartisan effort to create a fully integrated look at revenue and spending across federal, state and local governments.”

State Department asks for private sector help with innovating

by Ryan Johnston • 8 months ago

The State Department is looking at the private sector to provide inspiration and solutions ahead of what could be a lean fiscal 2018 budget.

Trump budget would crush DHS research arm

by FedScoop Staff • 8 months ago

Critics say the Trump administration’s proposed budget cuts to the Department of Homeland Security’s scientific research and development programs could decimate DHS efforts to develop tomorrow’s cybersecurity technologies.

VA will ask for more money for modernization, Shulkin says

by Ryan Johnston • 8 months ago

Secretary David Shulkin tasked the VA with modernizing many of its systems in order to best meet the needs of veterans across America.