DOD to roll out new online marketplace to speedily buy AI-aligned tech


It's envisioned to serve as the Pentagon's "digital environment of post-competition, readily awardable, technology solutions."

DOD trying new approach for Tradewind AI initiative


FedScoop has new details on the CDAO’s in-the-works efforts to modernize methods for buying AI.

Ongoing bug-bounty pilot pinpoints many vulnerabilities in DOD’s cyberspace


Through Hack U.S., the Pentagon is offering cash rewards for exposures of digital weaknesses.

How the CDAO will impact mission delivery at DOD; Updates on TSP recordkeeping transition


Former Department of Homeland Security CIO John Zangardi; Director of External Affairs for the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board Kim Weaver.

Pentagon elevates key AI governance body


FedScoop has new details on how the Defense Department is coordinating and merging its disparate AI governing forums.

Pentagon unveils long-awaited plan for implementing ‘responsible AI’


This new pathway makes DOD’s responsible AI policy tractable for implementation, according to its second in command.