Center for Open Data Enterprise

Open data: A critical tool for police reform and racial equity

by and • 3 months ago

In a new op-ed, members of CODE make the case that improved policing data is needed to reform the criminal justice system and should be a major priority for the Biden administration.

Open data: A critical tool for the new administration’s COVID-19 strategy 

by and • 4 months ago

In a contributed op-ed, members of the Center for Open Data Enterprise give recommendations for ways the next administration can use social determinants of health data to fight COVID-19.

Leveraging data to address Sickle Cell Disease

by • 10 months ago

In this op-ed, CODE's Temilola Afolabi says defeating SCD will need to begin with data – data for understanding the disease, for addressing it through the healthcare system, and for developing better, sustainable treatments.

Needed to fight COVID-19: A program for data on social determinants of health

by • 12 months ago

While recent pandemic data models have been valuable, most of them have left out a critical component: the impact of social context on illness and its relevance to COVID-19.

How HHS Can Use Social Data for Better Healthcare

by and • 1 year ago

In this op-ed, the Center for Open Data Enterprise recaps the recent Roundtable on Leveraging Data on the Social Determinants of Health, co-hosted with HHS.

Report: Why health data privacy needs more than HIPAA

by and • 2 years ago

In this op-ed, experts from the Center for Open Data Enterprise detail a new report that helps stakeholders understand the state of health data privacy, shortcomings in the current system, and possible remedies.

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