Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Matt Cutts to depart as USDS administrator

by • 4 weeks ago

In his five years there, the government services modernization team grew to 180 people and is looking to scale again as he leaves.

HHS data collection and sharing continues to evolve with the pandemic

by • 2 months ago

Quality needed to be assured before internal data was made public, according to the new acting CDO.

Biden promises federal website for finding COVID-19 vaccines on May 1

by • 2 months ago

Currently, which works with the CDC, is the best resource for finding vaccination sites but only in a handful of states.

Unusable and unused vaccine systems hinder Biden’s COVID-19 response

by • 3 months ago

A multidisciplinary team is needed to ensure equitable last-mile vaccine delivery and immunization reporting in real-time through multiple systems.

HHS seeks formal approval for emergency COVID-19 portal

by • 4 months ago

The HHS Teletracking COVID-19 Portal was introduced in July as a way for about 5,500 hospitals to directly report requested data on the virus.

Biden’s COVID-19 strategy promises data-driven response, improved IT interoperability

by • 4 months ago

Data support teams will help states and localities struggling to provide timely, reliable data on the virus' spread.