Chinese hackers

U.S. Cyber Command shifts its view of success

by • 3 years ago

Success is “not necessarily [about] the department’s outcome,” but is instead about “how can we enable our international partners [and] our domestic partners in industry to be able to defend those things that are critical to our nation’s success.”

China accused of launching ‘cyber war’ over contested islands

by • 6 years ago

China, in pursuit of its territorial claims in the resource-rich South China Sea, is resorting to low-level cyber warfare against the Philippines and Vietnam — the two nations who recently won an international legal case against the Communist government.

Chinese media: OPM hack was ‘criminal’, not state-sponsored

by • 7 years ago

​The massive hack at the Office of Personnel Management was the work of criminals, not a state-sponsored attack, according to a report from a Chinese media service.