PostgreSQL, open source software bringing security, innovation, performance and savings

by Stephen Frost • 10 months ago

Commentary: Stephen Frost explains why PostgreSQL is "arguably the gold standard" of database management.

ICYMI: Government has a technology problem

by Andrew McMahon • 1 year ago

In this contributed commentary, DCode42's Andrew McMahon dives into the looming issues that plague government technology.

It’s time for fed IT to adopt more intelligent automation

by Brian Marvin • 1 year ago

In this guest commentary, ServiceNow's Brian Marvin explains how automation and machine learning can drive federal IT modernization.

A federal hiring freeze is a missed opportunity

by Dan Correa • 1 year ago

Commentary: Former White House innovation adviser Dan Correa explains how the hiring freeze will exacerbate the major challenges that the federal workforce faces, but offers some steps the administration can take to improve performance.

Trump should focus on another wall — the digital one

by Jerad Speigel • 2 years ago

Commentary: Phase One CEO Jerad Speigel explains how Donald Trump should focus on protecting federal IT assets by leveraging the digital wall that already exists.

Why 2017 will shape the federal IT landscape for years

by Bob Osborn • 2 years ago

Commentary: ServiceNow CTO Bob Osborn explains the ways automated IT will drive user experience in the federal government and predicts that DevOps and SecOps will become more prevalent.