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A federal hiring freeze is a missed opportunity

by Dan Correa • 2 months ago

Commentary: Former White House innovation adviser Dan Correa explains how the hiring freeze will exacerbate the major challenges that the federal workforce faces, but offers some steps the administration can take to improve performance.

Trump should focus on another wall — the digital one

by Jerad Speigel • 2 months ago

Commentary: Phase One CEO Jerad Speigel explains how Donald Trump should focus on protecting federal IT assets by leveraging the digital wall that already exists.

Why 2017 will shape the federal IT landscape for years

by Bob Osborn • 3 months ago

Commentary: ServiceNow CTO Bob Osborn explains the ways automated IT will drive user experience in the federal government and predicts that DevOps and SecOps will become more prevalent.

Gov Actually Episode 4: OPM’s Beth Cobert and ‘the call’

by Billy Mitchell • 3 months ago

Acting OPM Director Beth Cobert joins Gov Actually to talk about being called upon in 2015 to lead the response to the agency's massive cyber breaches.

Gov Actually Episode 3: Trimming the fat of the federal government

by Billy Mitchell • 3 months ago

Dan and Danny take a look at recent propositions to wage war against bureaucracy by cutting the workforce and discuss whether it's really that simple.

The real question we should ask about FedRAMP costs

by David McClure • 3 months ago

Does FedRAMP certification cost too much? Some recent reports cite a price tag in the millions, but are they accurate? A close look at the data indicates that they may be wildly inflated — and that critics may be asking the wrong question, anyway.

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