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Meeting zero-trust goals

by • 1 month ago

A new whitepaper offers guidance on delivering trusted solutions across all of the pillars of a zero-trust architecture.

Securing applications is critical to securing the nation

by • 3 months ago

What agency leaders should know when closing web application security gaps to keep public information and critical infrastructure secure.

Modernizing agencies with automatic and intelligent observability

by • 4 months ago

How DevSecOps for modern cloud applications delivers speed and agility without compromising security.

How collaboration platforms improve agency access to data and AI algorithm sharing

by • 4 months ago

To meet a key requirement of the Data Strategy 2021 Action Plan, digital data marketplaces are one way to facilitate collaboration around AI algorithms, says new report.

Isolate and stop cyber-risks by controlling privileged access

by • 4 months ago

A new report shows how managing privileged access allows organizations to run business operations, applications and critical infrastructure efficiently without sacrificing security.

Deploying cloud connectivity in federal agencies more securely

by • 4 months ago

A new report details the challenges agencies see with cloud deployments and provides solutions to implementing a more performant and secure network architecture.