Cryptocurrencies compound federal efforts to curb federal fraud

by • 6 days ago

FBI, Secret Service, USCIS and National Security Council officials describe the unprecedented scale of federal financial fraud, and data tactics to prosecute it.

CDC expands Palantir’s non-COVID disease surveillance contract again

by • 3 weeks ago

Palantir continues to modernize the CDC's data infrastructure to perform genomic sequencing of disease variants and track them and their outcomes.

IRS Commissioner calls IT modernization ‘virtually impossible’ with start-stop funding

by • 4 weeks ago

Lawmakers disagree over whether the agency should receive extra funding to tackle its backlog of more than five million paper tax returns.

CDC launches modernization review to implement lessons learned from COVID-19

by • 1 month ago

Jim McCrae, a senior leader of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), will spearhead the review.

EPA strikes agreement with AFGE over reentry to office for staff

by • 2 months ago

No AFGE bargaining unit staff will be required to return to the office until May 2.

State Department spent $55.7M of COVID-19 relief funding on IT capacity expansion 

by • 2 months ago

The department’s Bureau of Information used the money to make adjustments including the purchase of additional licenses and extra infrastructure.