Defending the remote workforce against enterprise cyberattacks

by • 5 months ago

An increase in remote workers offers adversaries more opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities, but DNS security tools can help agencies stem attacks at the edge, says security expert.

How network modeling and cyber hygiene improve security odds for federal agencies

by • 6 months ago

Modern network modeling platforms will help equip agencies to find and automatically update outdated configuration rules lurking on aging infrastructure.

What’s your agency’s cyber resiliency score?

by • 9 months ago

If the NotPetya attacks taught big enterprises anything, it was the importance of giving greater priority to the fundamentals of configuration hygiene.

Why agencies are shifting from cyberdefense to digital resilience

by • 2 years ago

A new report highlights what’s driving agencies to move beyond protecting their networks and focus more on how to sustain operations during attacks.

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