Security controls that verify users and devices protect agencies from insider threats

by FedScoop Staff • 10 months ago

Zero-trust security practices make it harder for malicious users to move laterally across a system once they have gained access behind the firewall, report says.

Three best practices to reduce insider cyberthreats

by FedScoop Staff • 11 months ago

A new white paper advises agencies on ways to strengthen insider-threat detection and optimize IT resources in the fight against malicious users.

How cyberthreat intelligence strengthens defense against cyberattacks

by FedScoop Staff • 12 months ago

A new briefing report advises government IT leaders on how to gain an upper hand against cyber threats by leaning on timely, accurate and relevant information.

Indiana State’s CIO says automation is needed at state and local level

by FedScoop Staff • 12 months ago

Dewand Neely says that improving automation is key for state and local agencies to share timely information on cyber threats.

TSA’s CISO advises more automation for cybersecurity operations

by FedScoop Staff • 12 months ago

TSA’s Paul Morris says that automation and strategic planning can reduce response time and information sharing for cyber threats to minutes.

Agencies should adopt behavioral analytics tools to fortify their security, expert says

by FedScoop Staff • 12 months ago

In the constant fight against phishing and malware attacks, developing a cybersecurity strategy that puts people and data at the center of the equation will go a long way to secure networks.

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