Cyber defense strategies that focus on protecting people

by • 4 months ago

Cybercriminals are increasingly evolving tactics that narrowly target an organization's most significant security risk — its own people.

BYOD coupled with zero trust can bring more efficiencies to the workforce

by • 12 months ago

With personal devices being used for work-related tasks agencies need to mitigate security risks with zero-trust technology.

Taking a people-centric approach to federal cybersecurity

by • 1 year ago

New research from Proofpoint shows that the majority of cyberattacks are activated by users opening a file, clicking a link, or other types of action.

Security controls that verify users and devices protect agencies from insider threats

by • 3 years ago

Zero-trust security practices make it harder for malicious users to move laterally across a system once they have gained access behind the firewall, report says.

Three best practices to reduce insider cyberthreats

by • 3 years ago

A new white paper advises agencies on ways to strengthen insider-threat detection and optimize IT resources in the fight against malicious users.

How cyberthreat intelligence strengthens defense against cyberattacks

by • 3 years ago

A new briefing report advises government IT leaders on how to gain an upper hand against cyber threats by leaning on timely, accurate and relevant information.