Dan Morgan

Federal CDO Council seeks input on improving data sharing, skills and ethics

by • 7 months ago

Responses to a new RFI will inform new guidance on overlooked areas including data ethics and equity.

Dan Morgan takes a deep dive into DOT’s open data progress

by • 4 years ago

The Department of Transportation has made a lot of progress toward completing a central portal for its open data.

Coming Soon: An open database of every U.S. address

by • 7 years ago

​The Department of Transportation is in the very early stages of trying to build the first publicly-accessible database of every address in the country.

Government experts ready to take next steps with open data

by • 7 years ago

A number of government data experts are ready to see what agencies and the public can accomplish with the massive amount of data the U.S. government has opened up over the past five years.