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Just the facts: The government’s data gets a clearer window at USAFacts

by Karen Epper Hoffman • 2 weeks ago

Experts call USAFacts.org the “first nonpartisan effort to create a fully integrated look at revenue and spending across federal, state and local governments.”

Steve Ballmer wants USAFacts to be a 10-K report for the government

by Billy Mitchell • 4 weeks ago

The former Microsoft CEO wants a 10-K form for the federal government, like those private companies are required to submit each year.

Oversight seeks answers from Treasury on DATA Act implementation

by Samantha Ehlinger • 2 months ago

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform wants to know how the Treasury Department is tackling problems that crop up during implementation of the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014.

DATA Act deadline is looming, but don’t expect ‘perfection,’ officials say

by Samantha Ehlinger • 2 months ago

The first deadline for the DATA Act, which requires all agencies to report spending in a standardized way, is on May 9. But officials said Thursday that marker is only the beginning.

How Steve Ballmer’s USAFacts fits in with other efforts to detail government spending

by Samantha Ehlinger • 2 months ago

A new site launched this week to help citizens get a look at revenue and spending across America's federal, state and local governments. But an upcoming deadline for agencies to start reporting their spending data the same way could make the site better — or at least make it easier for its team to find the data.

Mulvaney: DATA Act crucial for sorting out federal spending

by Samantha Ehlinger • 5 months ago

After two confirmation hearings Tuesday, it was clear that President Donald Trump's nominee to head the Office of Management and Budget has DATA Act implementation in mind.