Data Center Optimization Initiative

Effective application rationalization eludes agencies

by • 2 months ago

Too often chief information officers lack the data they need to make informed decisions about app inventories.

Report: OMB should devise a new server-use metric for agency data centers

by • 4 months ago

Agencies currently report underused servers based on their own definitions, which ignores their progress toward efficiency goals, according to GAO.

Michael Rigas claims acting Federal CIO role

by • 7 months ago

The triple-hatted official replaced Suzette Kent back in July, according to his LinkedIn, though OMB did not provide an official start date.

Facilities remain vulnerable to cyberattacks even without OMB’s ‘data center’ label

by • 1 year ago

The Office of Management and Budget narrowed its definition to focus closure efforts but ended important oversight in the process, according to the Government Accountability Office.

DOJ has closed 97 data centers and isn’t stopping there

by • 2 years ago

DOJ currently operates about a dozen on-premise data centers that it wants to trim to "three core data centers."

Data Center Optimization issue throws wrench in otherwise stable FITARA 8.0 scorecard

by • 2 years ago

While no agency scored an A for overall IT management, there were, for the second time running, no failing grades either.