Data Center Optimization Initiative

Agencies continue to struggle with data center optimization

by • 3 months ago

A total of 25 GAO recommendations regarding virtualization, availability, advanced energy metering and underutilized server metrics have gone unaddressed.

FITARA 14.0 scorecard will feature a revised methodology

by • 4 months ago

Recent executive orders on cybersecurity and customer experience give the opportunity to revamp the scorecard.

GSA seeks fresh expertise to help improve transparency around IT spending

by • 9 months ago

New IT staff will be tasked with supporting a range of project management and procurement functions.

GSA stresses agencies align IPv6 and zero-trust plans ahead of next week’s deadline

by • 11 months ago

Agencies have until next week to submit their zero-trust architecture implementation plans, per President Biden's cybersecurity executive order.

Effective application rationalization eludes agencies

by • 1 year ago

Too often chief information officers lack the data they need to make informed decisions about app inventories.

Report: OMB should devise a new server-use metric for agency data centers

by • 1 year ago

Agencies currently report underused servers based on their own definitions, which ignores their progress toward efficiency goals, according to GAO.