data security

Securing data and web applications in government

by • 7 days ago

Invicti Security President and COO Mark Ralls discusses how organizations can stay secure from threat actors while modernizing their cybersecurity systems.

Balancing data security and open access remains a challenge, Ann Dunkin says

by • 7 months ago

The Department of Energy is focused on making datasets more available for research while preserving sensitive information.

Darren Pulsipher on cloud and data security challenges in government

by • 10 months ago

Dell Technologies’ IT executive discusses why the adoption of SaaS solutions — like video conferencing — requires greater visibility of where data is stored.

Improve data security and interoperability for public health agencies

by • 1 year ago

How modern identity and access solutions can help public health organizations improve patient care and health data interoperability.

IT Insights: Interview with AWS financial services expert Olivia Peterson

by • 1 year ago

AWS’s Head of Federal Financial Services highlights why the cloud will play a crucial role in helping U.S. agencies oversee financial markets.

How CDM data can drive federal cyber strategies

by • 1 year ago

Agency leaders are starting to leverage the added value of CDM data to improve operations and reduce cybersecurity risks.