Dave DeVries

OIG pans OPM’s most recent IT modernization plan

by • 4 years ago

The OPM inspector general's new report that the agency’s plan to update its IT infrastructure does not include key budget and security information.

OPM quickly hires new CIO, David Garcia

by • 5 years ago

Garcia steps into the role less just than a month since Dave DeVries retired from federal service, moving to Michigan as the state's CIO.

Exit Interview: CIO Dave DeVries leaves post-breach OPM on solid footing

by • 5 years ago

DeVries recalls his tenure at OPM a year after almost saying no to the job.

Will government tech exec departures impact IT modernization momentum?

by • 5 years ago

While the support for IT modernization has been prominent, the agency leadership needed to implement those plans could be walking out the door.

OPM CIO Dave DeVries to leave government

by • 5 years ago

An OPM official told FedScoop that DeVries is leaving government service in the coming weeks.

OPM hearing devolves into shouting match about cybersecurity

by • 5 years ago

During Thursday’s hearing, lawmakers displayed what appeared to be a basic misunderstanding of federal cybersecurity, encryption technologies and rudimentary facts concerning the actual 2014 OPM breach incident.