deep learning

The Army looks to pave way for autonomous vehicles with new AI research


New research in reinforcement learning systems could help the Army make better use of its data and training of robots in battle.

You can help train the SPOC algorithm to guide NASA’s Mars rovers


Spock said it best: "Insufficient facts always invite danger."

Postal Service will use AI to process package data faster


A new, high-performance GPU system for reading address labels more accurately will be adopted at 192 mail processing and sorting centers nationwide.

CMS selects participants for predictive health AI challenge


The 25 teams are being asked to use AI and deep learning to predict unplanned hospital visits within a 30-day window for Medicare beneficiaries.

HHS touts first recurrent neural network for making acquisition plans


The $175,000 network reads statements of work and creates market research reports for HHS officials and contractors alike.

Evolving Government: An artificial intelligence just for English


Major companies like IBM, Amazon and Microsoft, as well as upstarts like ours, Coseer, are investing in AI for language.