Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Congress wants the Intelligence Community to weigh in on how to counter ‘deepfakes’

by Tajha Chappellet-Lanier • 1 day ago

Among the lawmakers' questions: Has the technology already been used deceptively by a foreign entity? And what can Congress do?

DARPA announces $2 billion in funding for ‘AI Next’ campaign

by Tajha Chappellet-Lanier • 2 weeks ago

The goal is to get the technology into its "third wave," where it begins to adapt to changing situations more in the way human intelligence does.

BAE Systems gets $5.2M DARPA contract to develop advanced cyberdefense tools

by Zaid Shoorbajee • 1 month ago

BAE Systems will be tasked with developing tools that identify and fight off threats on networks that are too big and complex to defend using traditional cybersecurity tools.

DARPA is racing against time to develop a tool that can spot ‘deepfakes’

by Tajha Chappellet-Lanier • 1 month ago

The group is midway through four years of funding.

DARPA interested in applying quantum computing to machine learning

by Carten Cordell • 2 months ago

Defense officials want to leverage the nuanced technology’s computing power to optimize machine learning as well as address scientific modeling problems.

DARPA returns to for space-launch ideas

by Tajha Chappellet-Lanier • 5 months ago

The agency is looking for teams that can launch small payloads into low Earth orbit at "extremely short notice."