Department of Commerce (DOC)

Biden administration appoints six policy experts to lead CHIPS Act implementation


Ronnie Chatterji will serve as White House Coordinator for CHIPS implementation at the National Economic Council.

President’s science and tech advisors recommend launch of $500M fund for semiconductor startups


The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology say such a fund would boost innovation by supporting chip manufacturers during the most vulnerable stages of company development.

Google Public Sector CEO: open-source chips likely to be ‘hundreds of times’ cheaper for researchers


Will Grannis tells FedScoop that projects like a recent agreement between Google and NIST to produce open-source chips will improve cybersecurity by encouraging researchers to become more involved in the hardware design process.

NIST and Google sign agreement to produce open-source chips


Google will finance an initial production run of the new chips, which will be manufactured by Skywater Technology in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Commerce identifies 15 vendors likely to win spots on $1.5B IT contract


The department says it has prioritized offerers for CATTS that could increase its cloud footprint as much as possible.

DOJ agrees to prevent AlphaDetective AI software from falling into foreign adversaries’ hands


The AI-enabled software allows law enforcement to identify opioid traffickers on the dark web.