Department of Commerce (DOC)

DOD expanding 5G testing, partnerships with new software competition

by • 3 months ago

A new competition the DOD is working on will broaden its work in partnering with the private sector to make new 5G technologies.

SolarWinds recap: All of the federal agencies caught up in the Orion breach

by • 4 months ago

At least six agencies so far have publicly acknowledged a breach caused by the cyberattacks.

After news of SolarWinds breach, Capitol Hill turns attention to CISA

by • 4 months ago

CISA's cyber-protection teams can only do so much without enhanced threat-hunting authority — and with a vacancy in leadership looming large, lawmakers said.

SolarWinds’ federal footprint is large, and compromise is a ‘nightmare scenario’ for affected agencies

by • 4 months ago

Only three agencies have reported breaches, but 32 are known to have used the software at some point since 2006. And contract records aren't the most accurate.

IPv6 is now the standard for federal agencies’ internet traffic

by • 5 months ago

It'll be awhile before the government moves entirely away from the older IPv4 standard, but OMB has now set specific milestones and deadlines.

White House flags 20 technologies for agencies to promote and protect

by • 6 months ago

A new strategy aims to align federal efforts as the U.S. competes with China and other nations in fields like AI, quantum and 5G.

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