Pentagon wants to move its ‘Acropolis’ to the cloud to fight cyber-adversaries

by Billy Mitchell • 2 days ago

It's like Greece's Acropolis, but for defending against cyberattacks from within the cloud.

Defense CIO Dana Deasy conducting ‘full review’ of JEDI cloud acquisition

by Billy Mitchell • 1 week ago

The goal, Deasy says, is a final RFP "that truly represents what any smart intelligent company in private industry would do in seeking to put an enterprise cloud in place."

DOD gives more detail on ‘cloud initiative’ under CIO Dana Deasy’s lead

by Billy Mitchell • 2 weeks ago

Yes, Dana Deasy will now lead the JEDI Cloud program.

Pentagon puts ‘cloud initiative’ under new CIO Dana Deasy’s leadership

by Billy Mitchell • 4 weeks ago

Deasy, who's been the department's CIO since May, will replace Chief Management Officer Jay Gibson at the head of the program.

Q&A: Teresa Carlson on AWS’s push for the JEDI contract — and why a single award ‘is a good thing’

by Billy Mitchell • 4 weeks ago

In an exclusive Q&A, Carlson details AWS's pursuit of the Pentagon's $10 billion JEDI commercial cloud contract and why she supports DOD's decision to make a single award.

IT modernization plays central role in Trump government reorganization plan

by Billy Mitchell • 4 weeks ago

The plan promotes the use of modern technology to improve service delivery as a central tenet in the 21st century federal government.