Eastern Foundry

Upcoming hackathon aims to make SBA grants more accessible


Organizers hope to eliminate, if only for a weekend, the "artificial" distinction between public sector tech talent and private sector tech talent.

What does Amazon HQ2 in Northern Virginia mean for federal IT?


It could create a talent shift that reshapes federal IT contracting as it currently exists.

Eastern Foundry team wins SBIR grants to boost Air Force procurement


For the past year the team has been building two internal tech products — Assembly and Hunting Party.

2017 saw lots of talk about collaboration between startups and gov. Will 2018 see more action?


A look back at FedScoop's reporting on startups and the federal government in the year that was.

New Eastern Foundry initiative aims to help international companies sell to the government, too


The incubator and coworking space for small federal contractors has teamed up with partners to launch Global Foundry.

New Eastern Foundry report tells why startups struggle with federal contracts


It also offers some suggestions on how the federal government can be a better partner to young, innovative companies.