VA holding back speed of EHR development to benefit veterans, leaders say

by Billy Mitchell • 2 weeks ago

Cerner wants VA to go faster, but "we're holding them back," said the EHR project's lead.

Veterans to get iPhone health record access this summer

by Billy Mitchell • 1 month ago

Within 24 hours of visiting a VA facility, veterans will be able to access their updated health information in the Apple Health app, according to the VA's plans.

HHS aims to untangle EHR reporting burdens for doctors

by Carten Cordell • 4 months ago

The goal is to tackle some of the root challenges the widespread adoption of electronic health records. In this case, it's about making things easier for the doctors.

Cerner touts early success for DOD e-health record modernization

by Billy Mitchell • 5 months ago

A top Cerner official said "we’re well-positioned to soon kick off the next phase of deployment across military medical facilities in California and Idaho."

Without key leadership, VA EHR modernization is off to worrisome start, lawmakers say

by Billy Mitchell • 9 months ago

Top leadership at the VA has been anything but consistent for the past year, and it's causing lawmakers to worry about the department's newly signed $10 billion EHR deal.

CMS may have wrongly paid $729M in EHR incentives to health care providers

by Cassandra Stephenson • 2 years ago

The HHS Office of the Inspector General found that the providers that received the funds did not meet federal requirements for the incentive.

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