CISA shifting focus to monitoring the insides of networks for cyberthreats


Intrusion detection systems like EINSTEIN were never designed to stop supply chain attacks and need to be supplemented, said CISA's acting director.

Unidentified agency’s network breached with ‘sophisticated’ malware


Data was stolen from SharePoint, emails and other locations before CISA's EINSTEIN flagged a potential compromise.

CDM is securing agencies involved with coronavirus response, including vaccine research


The program is helping the most at-risk agencies improve their network visibility and data protection.

CISA looks to offer a new DNS resolver to civilian agencies and beyond


The service would support direct use by mobile devices and cloud infrastructure or encrypted DNS resolution protocols.

Federal cyber incidents continue downward trend, according to annual FISMA report to Congress


The report shows there were 8% fewer cybersecurity incidents reported in fiscal 2019 across government.

Think long-term about TIC 3.0 advancements during spike in telework, experts say


The coronavirus is hastening adoption of Trusted Internet Connections, according to industry and agency officials, but pilots still need to prove out.