One organization’s movement to get more techies in Congress

by Samantha Ehlinger • 9 months ago

A Democratic, pro-science and technology political action committee wants to help elect more tech-savvy members of Congress who can keep up with emerging, complex tech topics.

DHS won’t define election systems as critical before November

by Chris Bing • 3 years ago

The Department of Homeland Security will not classify election systems as critical infrastructure before the November presidential election, DHS Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity Dr. Andy Ozment said at the Billington Cybersecurity Summit Tuesday.

In wake of voter database hack, U.S. election commission turns to NIST for cybersecurity talk

by Chris Bing • 3 years ago

Next month, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, an independent federal agency tasked with developing standards and certifying both voting hardware and software, will review the cybersecurity, or lack thereof, that surrounds America’s voting infrastructure during a meeting with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, or NIST, according to a Federal Register Notice published​ on Wednesday.

Scammers promise video proof of fake Clinton scandal, victims get malware instead

by Chris Bing • 3 years ago

A uniquely strange email phishing campaign is finding success by convincing people to click a link that promises a non-existent video, purportedly showing democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton exchanging money with terrorists, according to Symantec's security research team​. When the supposed video download link is clicked, malware is instead installed onto the victim’s computer.

DHS urged to defend U.S. election from foreign hackers

by Chris Bing • 3 years ago

The Department of Homeland Security should formally classify electronic voting machines used in dozens of states as critical infrastructure so it has the authority to protect them against hackers, spies and foreign saboteurs, democratic lawmakers say.

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