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Energy Department warns of ‘imminent’ cyberattack on power grid

by Chris Bing • 4 months ago

Privately owned infrastructure used to deliver electricity to U.S. homes, hospitals and businesses is in ”imminent danger” of cyberattacks, the Energy Department warns in a massive new report.

Energy CIO leaves, deputy moves to acting role

by Samantha Ehlinger • 4 months ago

Michael Johnson left the DOE last week after nearly two years in the role.

White House to host Electric Vehicle Datathon

by Samantha Ehlinger • 5 months ago

The White House is planning its first Electric Vehicle Datathon to identify ways to create and cull data sets that enable wider electric vehicle use.

GSA, Energy exploring next-gen ‘green’ building tech

by Samantha Ehlinger • 7 months ago

The General Services Administration and Energy Department are looking for emerging or underused technologies that could make federal and commercial buildings more economical and eco-friendly.

DOE asks Congress for $34M to build and research power grid’s cyber defenses

by Chris Bing • 8 months ago

The U.S. Department of Energy, or DOE, quietly announced a proposed $34 million program, Monday, that it hopes can facilitate efforts to protect America’s energy infrastructure from hackers.

Audit: Reporting requirements for grant money are too burdensome

by Samantha Ehlinger • 9 months ago

More can be done to make it easier to fill out paperwork for federally-funded university research, a government watchdog report has found. It is still too complicated to comply with reporting requirements for federally-funded research, university representatives said in interviews with the Government Accountability Office auditors.

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