Report: Benefits agencies, lacking guidance, slow to abandon traditional identity verification

by • 3 years ago

The 2017 Equifax data breach has officials second-guessing the old method, but no federal recommendations exist ensuring alternatives are adopted.

Graves says final IT modernization report will debut soon

by • 5 years ago

The acting federal chief information officer also said the White House is preparing to implement the MGT Act as soon as it becomes law.

GAO dismisses Equifax protest for controversial IRS contract

by • 5 years ago

The IRS is clear to begin working with Experian under the $795,000 contract for a year of taxpayer identification and verification services.

IRS suspends Equifax contract following malware page

by • 5 years ago

The agency suspended a $7.25 million contract with Equifax following news that one of its webpages exposed users to potential malware attacks.

IRS says it awarded $7M stopgap contract to Equifax after protest limited its options

by • 5 years ago

Agency officials explained Wednesday that their hand was forced by a procurement protest.