Capitalizing on 5G across a hybrid IT environment

by • 3 months ago

Verizon and Equinix executives highlight the benefits agencies can expect from implementing 5G and the advantages of deploying a network as a service model.

How collaboration platforms improve agency access to data and AI algorithm sharing

by • 4 months ago

To meet a key requirement of the Data Strategy 2021 Action Plan, digital data marketplaces are one way to facilitate collaboration around AI algorithms, says new report.

Leveraging high-speed, distributed cloud environments to harness AI-from-anywhere

by • 4 months ago

IT leaders from the Defense Intelligence Agency, Equinix and Verizon discuss capitalizing on machine learning tools to meet mission outcomes.

Equinix’s Don Wiggens on government’s move from siloed networks

by • 1 year ago

Wiggens spoke with FedScoop after the Fortinet Security Transformation Summit.