Evidence-based policymaking

Agencies get guidance on how to pick a CDO, and more

by • 2 years ago

OMB recently published a memo with deadlines, qualification requirements and more.

Evidence-based decision making: What DOE, USDA and others are learning

by • 2 years ago

A new report stresses a top-down, bottom-up approach — as well as building capacity — as agencies grapple with new mandates for evidence-based policymaking.

For government to capitalize on its data, officials say it should be user-friendly

by • 2 years ago

Recent laws have strengthened the government’s data transparency, but the true utility of agencies' information lies in its ability to be shared, officials said.

GSA office tasked with data-based solutions is growing up

by • 3 years ago

There is no shortage of work for the Office of Evaluation Sciences, which employs behavioral scientists and other experts through a fellowship program that aims to help agencies get more out of the information they collect and use.

Lawmakers push for chief data officers in every agency in new bill

by • 4 years ago

The bill would drive agencies to better use data to measure the effectiveness of their programs, and more.