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Evolving Government: Leveraging a data catalog to understand your agency’s data

by Stephanie McReynolds • 2 years ago

Op-Ed: Stephanie McReynolds of Alation explains how data catalogs allow organizations to easily find data, infer its context and track the path of data usage.

Good AI needs good data — and that’s a problem in government

by Shannon Hynds • 2 years ago

A lack of good, labeled data is an impediment to good AI, says Thresher's Shannon Hynds.

Evolving Government: Simplified expense management can change the way government does business

by Tara Bonnell • 2 years ago

Innovating the expense reimbursement process for government could bring large savings in time and money, and add transparency.

Evolving Government: Why goal alignment is the No. 1 factor in engineering velocity

by Gillian BenAry • 2 years ago

The reason Code For America gets things done with such speed and efficiency is that they are absolutely aligned on their No. 1 goal.

Evolving Government: An artificial intelligence just for English

by Praful Krishna • 2 years ago

Major companies like IBM, Amazon and Microsoft, as well as upstarts like ours, Coseer, are investing in AI for language.

Evolving Government: Insights from working with blockchain companies in government

by Andrew McMahon • 2 years ago

A look inside the reality of implementing blockchain technologies.

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