executive perspective

How to level the field for small businesses competing in the federal marketplace

by • 2 weeks ago

New enterprise video communications plan—designed for government and priced for small businesses—holds promise for SBA, agencies and small businesses.

Escape the technology debt trap by infusing innovation into managed services contracts

by • 3 months ago

Deloitte’s Sam Kapreilian shares his thoughts on how government agencies can boldly pivot managed services contracts to infuse innovation, modernization and improve customer experience.

How automation benefits the citizen experience

by • 3 months ago

Automation platforms are giving government agencies greater capacity to improve citizen services and help employees keep up with escalating workload demands.

AWS DOD exec on the military’s use of edge compute to enhance mission outcomes

by • 3 months ago

Cedric George on how military and defense agencies are using cutting-edge cloud technologies to increase speed to mission.

The evolution of insider threats and why security culture needs to change

by • 5 months ago

Proofpoint’s resident CISO Deborah Watson discusses the growing threat of non-malicious insider threats to government data and how leaders can adapt their security approach.

Why CIOs need to reassess the sustainability of their pandemic IT fixes

by • 5 months ago

Three questions IT leaders should consider asking as they take a longer-term view of their technology environments.