Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Bad data, antiquated systems mean it’s open season for stimulus payment pirates and scammers

by • 1 month ago

Like moths to light, the CARES Act stimulus package will attract COVID-19 pirates – fraudsters and identity thieves who are eager to steal from a federal government under immense pressure to quickly distribute funds.

Senate bill would put a moratorium on federal facial recognition use

by • 3 months ago

The bill would also create a congressional commission to study facial recognition and give suggestions to Congress on how to regulate it.

FBI CIO Gordon Bitko departs for trade association ITI

by • 7 months ago

Coming into the new job, Bitko says he understands the "important relationship between the technology industry and agencies at all levels of government."

Navy wants info-sharing software to help prevent violent attacks in the DC area

by • 10 months ago

The Navy is looking for software to increase information sharing and to "crowdsource" uploading of suspicious activity.

FBI IT branch gets new executive assistant director

by • 11 months ago

Richard Haley II takes over three divisions encompassing 1,800 employees and contractors.

FBI division recruits for personality instead of specific IT skills

by • 1 year ago

FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services has changed up its recruiting strategy to better meet its needs.

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