financial management systems

Getting to a clean financial audit in the Pentagon; Army’s big bet on cloud


Celonis’ Chris Radich; Army Enterprise Cloud Management Agency’s Paul Puckett.

Fiscal readiness as an accelerator for mission readiness in DOD


Salesforce’s Michael Parker explains how automation can help the Pentagon’s financial management processes.

Modernization opportunities across government; Status update on OPM’s legacy financial management system


On the latest episode of The Daily Scoop Podcast, GAO’s Director of IT and Cybersecurity Kevin Walsh and former Navy Deputy CIO Juliana Vida of Splunk.

Coast Guard becomes third DHS agency to modernize financial system


The system is part of DHS's initiative to update its agencies' legacy financial systems with an emphasis on security and data integrity.

DOD takes automation a step further with machine learning


RPAs are getting a boost from machine learning in the DOD to help link up unmatched financial data.

‘Significant deficiency’ risks security of sensitive federal debt data


Details on the deficiency were deemed "sensitive information" by BFS and not publicly disclosed, but the agency said it's drafting a comprehensive remediation plan.