FITARA Scorecard

Exit Interview: Former CIO Eric Olson says Treasury’s IT is in a better place

by • 4 months ago

The technology leader admits he is not the biggest fan of aspects of FITARA.

Connolly floats legislative fix for IT working capital funds

by • 6 months ago

The representative says new laws may be required to give agencies the authority to create tech modernization funds.

FITARA grades hold steady almost a year into pandemic

by • 12 months ago

All agencies managed to ace the software licensing metric, resulting in its retirement in favor of one gauging their telecommunications transitions.

More attention from Congress could lead to smoother EIS transition

by • 12 months ago

Experts are hopeful Congress' recent interest in the EIS transition could give agencies a new urgency to move to the contract and reap the cost-savings benefits.

Technology Business Management could play a role in future FITARA Scorecards

by • 1 year ago

As OMB unveils more data on TBM, the hope is, Congress will use it as another measure on the bi-annual FITARA Scorecard.