Agency leaders face a steep and costly road ahead in implementing zero-trust security

by • 1 month ago

A quarter of federal IT executives in a new study say they don’t expect to have the underlying tools in place to manage, automate and orchestrate zero-trust pillars before the end of FY 2025.

For cybersecurity, people are the new perimeter

by • 2 years ago

Advances in user activity monitoring solutions can help agencies proactively mitigate cybersecurity risks and insider threats in real time.

‘Education’ can help overcome agencies’ unease about cloud security, leaders say

by • 3 years ago

Automation and machine learning tools add another level of security, panelists at the Cybersecurity Leadership Forum said.

Frontline employees less confident in CDM effectiveness, survey finds

by • 4 years ago

A new survey suggests a perceptional divide between agency managers and the stakeholders tasked with deploying the CDM program.

Forcepoint’s Meerah Rajavel on the great modernization progress

by • 4 years ago

Rajavel discusses modernization and more from FedTalks 2018.

Agencies should adopt behavioral analytics tools to fortify their security, expert says

by • 4 years ago

In the constant fight against phishing and malware attacks, developing a cybersecurity strategy that puts people and data at the center of the equation will go a long way to secure networks.