Future-Ready Government

Government leaders tout AI successes at Google Cloud Public Sector Summit

by • 1 month ago

Public sector organizations used momentum created by the pandemic to implement AI pilot programs in 2020. Leaders shared their lessons learned at a recent summit.

Smart investment decisions to improve citizen services beyond the pandemic

by • 1 month ago

Federal and state agency leaders at Google Cloud’s Public Sector Summit discuss practical IT decisions that led to their greatest successes over the past year.

How cloud security tools provide greater return on agency resources

by • 2 months ago

Cloud-based security and real-time analytics tools are improving security and ROI for government cybersecurity programs.

For artificial intelligence, most of the work comes after launch

by • 5 months ago

Though building AI applications is difficult, operationalizing a tool and monitoring behavior is where the real work begins, says Google Cloud’s Andrew Moore.

How the pandemic changed the future of work for government agencies

by • 5 months ago

Federal, state and local government leaders discuss how agencies are shifting to cloud- and AI-enabled tools that will better serve the mission.

Agency IT chiefs see ways to improve mission services in pandemic

by • 6 months ago

Twelve government and industry leaders discuss the opportunities to advance cloud, security and agility in government, during the pandemic and into the future.

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