General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT)

GDIT’s Rob Smallwood on the rise of managed services in government

by • 2 weeks ago

GDIT’s executive for digital modernization and enterprise IT looks at how managed services are helping to augment agency IT operations.

Let’s Talk About IT Ep. 19 — Unleashing Automation in Government, ft. Air Force CIO Lauren Knausenberger

by • 2 weeks ago

"We take the automation for granted, and in the Department of Defense, we've been left behind," Air Force CIO Lauren Knausenberger said in a new episode of the podcast.

Government agencies lean into managed services to stay ahead of IT demands

by • 2 months ago

Two-thirds of respondents in a new government survey say their agency is currently using, or considering using, managed service providers to power their IT needs.

AWS cloud now available on milCloud 2.0

by • 5 months ago

AWS is now a part of the milCloud 2.0 offering, GDIT announced Monday.

Unlocking the power of the cloud

by • 5 months ago

Kristie Grinnell, global CIO and VP of supply chain at GDIT discusses why agencies need to take a long-term look at how they want to operate in the cloud.

GDIT’s global CIO talks about keys to ensuring cloud rollouts meet your agency’s mission

by • 5 months ago

Agencies seeking to capitalize on a portfolio of leading cloud services need to start with the right enterprise architecture and a clear vision of their cloud and data strategy.