Gov Actually

Gov Actually Episode 34: The history and importance of whistleblowers

by Billy Mitchell • 2 weeks ago

Gov Actually dives into whistleblowers, a concept that has blown up the news cycle in recent weeks, playing a central role in Democrats' campaign to impeach President Donald Trump.

Gov Actually Episode 33: The federal government’s role in gun control

by Billy Mitchell • 3 months ago

Gov Actually takes a non-political approach to the hyper-political issue of gun control.

Gov Actually Episode 32: USDA’s relocation, and a conversation on government modernization

by Billy Mitchell • 4 months ago

This is an episode of Gov Actually about moving ... sort of. USDA is relocating.

Gov Actually Episode 31: Press and the government, with James Rosen

by Billy Mitchell • 6 months ago

Gov Actually dives into the Fourth Estate: the media.

Gov Actually Episode 30 — The ‘Dave’ episode

by Billy Mitchell • 8 months ago

Dan and Danny discuss the infamous budget scene in "Dave."

Gov Actually Episode 29: An Idea to Prevent Future Government Shutdowns

by Billy Mitchell • 10 months ago

Gov Actually co-host Danny Werfel has an idea — one that he thinks could prevent future political budget debates from holding federal appropriations hostage.

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