Gov Actually

Gov Actually Episode 46: Behind the scenes of the Biden transition

by • 3 hours ago

Two members of the OMB review team for the Biden transition discuss what being part of such a team entails and what it was like leading a change in administrations during a pandemic.

Gov Actually goes live before the 2020 Sammies

by • 5 months ago

During the 2020 Sammies earlier this week, Gov Actually hosted a live watch party, featuring a virtual red carpet of sorts for the "Oscars of public service."

Gov Actually Episode 42: Talking presidential history with a ‘moonlighting’ presidential historian

by • 7 months ago

Are there lessons to be learned about current political beefs from our founding fathers?

Gov Actually Episode 41: Inspiring Americans to Serve, ft. Congressman Joe Heck

by • 8 months ago

National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service Chairman Joe Heck joins Gov Actually to discuss the findings of the commission's final report and its work over the past few years.

Gov Actually Episode 40: A Discussion on Race Through the Lens of Government

by • 9 months ago

Gov Actually returns with its 40th episode to discuss race in modern America, specifically through the lens of government.

Gov Actually Episode 39: The cost-benefit analysis of saving an American life, featuring Cass Sunstein

by • 10 months ago

Gov Actually is back with a new episode featuring special guest Cass Sunstein discussing how the government balances the cost of a new policy with the lives it could save.

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