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Gov Actually Episode 49: Inside the response to the Colonial Pipeline hack

by • 1 month ago

The hack may only be the tip of the iceberg as ransomware and targeted cyberattacks on critical infrastructure and industrial control systems become more prevalent. 

Gov Actually Episode 48: ‘We the Possibility’ ft. Mitchell Weiss

by • 2 months ago

Mitchell Weiss joined Gov Actually for a discussion on entrepreneurship in government and how government can continue to evolve despite being thought of as inherently risk-averse.

Gov Actually Episode 47: Code for America CEO Amanda Renteria talks modernizing government

by • 2 months ago

Code for America CEO Amanda Renteria joins the podcast to discuss making government services more accessible to all Americans.

Gov Actually Episode 46: OMB in transition

by • 4 months ago

Two members of the OMB review team for the Biden transition discuss what being part of such a team entails and what it was like leading a change in administrations during a pandemic.

Gov Actually goes live before the 2020 Sammies

by • 9 months ago

During the 2020 Sammies earlier this week, Gov Actually hosted a live watch party, featuring a virtual red carpet of sorts for the "Oscars of public service."

Gov Actually Episode 42: Talking presidential history with a ‘moonlighting’ presidential historian

by • 11 months ago

Are there lessons to be learned about current political beefs from our founding fathers?