Survey finds DOD contractors know little about forthcoming cyber standards

by • 4 months ago

A new survey finds few DOD contractors are in-the-know on forthcoming cybersecurity standards, making for a steep learning curve when they go into effect.

DDS is interested in more than just the hacks at DEF CON’s aviation ‘village’

by • 10 months ago

The head of the Defense Digital Service sees opportunities to bolster the military's cybersecurity workforce at the annual hacker conference in Las Vegas.

DOE teams with industry on pipeline cybersecurity

by • 11 months ago

Questions have been raised about TSA's process for updating pipeline security guidelines and whether it's even the right agency for the job.

What a US presidential candidate can teach us about hackers

by • 12 months ago

In this op-ed, HackerOne's Ben Sadeghipour explains how an ex-hacker presidential candidate is bringing hacking into the national spotlight.

U.S. Cyber Command shifts its view of success

by • 1 year ago

Success is “not necessarily [about] the department’s outcome,” but is instead about “how can we enable our international partners [and] our domestic partners in industry to be able to defend those things that are critical to our nation’s success.”

Federal Cyber Reskilling Academy begins with plans to expand

by • 1 year ago

The first cohort was expanded by five virtual training slots, a "good alternative" for future classes, said a senior official.

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