Health apps

HHS office announces push to investigate smaller health data breaches

by Whitney Blair Wyckoff • 3 years ago

One expert said even small breaches can have effects that reverberate across the health care industry.

‘Over regulation’ could hinder health app industry, advocates say

by Jeremy Snow • 3 years ago

The federal government should embrace mobile health care apps, but should still be wary of the possible consequences and privacy issues they present, according to a group of experts

HHS launches blockchain challenge for health IT

by Billy Mitchell • 3 years ago

The Department of Health and Human Services' Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT will explore how blockchain technology can improve health IT applications through a new challenge.

White House releases precision medicine data security framework

by Whitney Blair Wyckoff • 3 years ago

It’s part of a larger effort to use data on patients' genetics, environment and lifestyle to find ways to better treat diseases, like cancer.

Biden appeals for open health data help on Cancer Moonshot

by Billy Mitchell • 3 years ago

​Vice President Joe Biden pleaded Monday for the support of the open health data community to lend its expertise to the fight against cancer.

Report: Legacy tech at Library of Congress hurting blind

by Jeremy Snow • 3 years ago

A Library of Congress program meant to help the blind access audio and Braille books and resources is struggling to keep up with more efficient, newer technology, according to government auditors.

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