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Biden calls on Congress to fund ‘DARPA for health’ in State of the Union address

by • 2 months ago

The proposed ARPA-H would seek to emulate the Pentagon's foundational breakthroughs such as GPS or the internet.

The VA is looking to 5G to enable ‘X-ray vision’ for doctors

by • 8 months ago

VA doctors may soon be able to use AR headsets to superimpose medical imaging on a patient for "safer and more effective procedures."

How precise email analysis reduces healthcare ransomware threats

by • 9 months ago

When health-care organizations face ransomware attacks, patients ultimately pay the price. Data-informed cyber defense strategies can help mitigate those risks.

Using AI to augment public health services

by • 1 year ago

Out of the COVID-19 pandemic, key use cases are showing the effectiveness of AI tools to speed the ability for agencies to respond to public crisis, says Google executive.

Improve data security and interoperability for public health agencies

by • 1 year ago

How modern identity and access solutions can help public health organizations improve patient care and health data interoperability.

Social engineering gains momentum with cyber criminals

by • 1 year ago

Public healthcare organizations are increasingly targeted by cyberattacks, prompting security strategies that focus more on people, says IT security expert.