Health data

DARPA launching research project to revolutionize brain injury diagnosis on the battlefield


Naval medical officer Jean-Paul Chretien tells FedScoop how new technology could revolutionize the way traumatic brain injuries are treated in the field.

Using AI to augment public health services


Out of the COVID-19 pandemic, key use cases are showing the effectiveness of AI tools to speed the ability for agencies to respond to public crisis, says Google executive.

Improve data security and interoperability for public health agencies


How modern identity and access solutions can help public health organizations improve patient care and health data interoperability.

COVID-19 relief bill includes $62.4M for interoperable public health data systems


Efforts to track the coronavirus' spread have been hampered by a lack of interoperability between federal and state and local public health department, laboratory and care provider systems.

Using AI ethically to protect health data from bias


With the right partners, federal health agencies can build a solid foundation of high-quality data to implement ethically sound AI tools, says an Optum report.

DOD needs some help digitizing a massive collection of respiratory disease samples


The DOD wants to turn more than 86 million specimens into digital data to be run through machine learning algorithms.