Using AI to augment public health services

by • 4 months ago

Out of the COVID-19 pandemic, key use cases are showing the effectiveness of AI tools to speed the ability for agencies to respond to public crisis, says Google executive.

Census Bureau makes substantial updates to COVID-19 data hub

by • 8 months ago

Version 2.1 added more data detailing the pandemic's effects on states and counties with plans to assess vaccine distribution in the works.

DIU’s latest health project: AI-powered early coronavirus detection

by • 12 months ago

"In military speak, we’re targeting left-of-cough awareness,” by collecting and processing data from wearable devices, a DIU official says.

The Navy wants to use wearable tech to fight spread of COVID-19

by • 1 year ago

The Navy is seeking commercially available proximity-tracking technology based on wearables that continuously track the distance between themselves and others nearby.