Hybrid Cloud Transformation in Government

Federal and state leaders laud the benefits of a hybrid cloud approach

by • 7 months ago

Government leaders share how they are strategically moving certain applications to a hybrid cloud environment to reduce data migration costs and improve mission services.

SBA’s CTO on how the agency is pioneering data usage for AI and cybersecurity

by • 7 months ago

Sanjay Gupta discusses the Small Business Administration’s short- and long-term goals as the agency continues to accelerate cloud-based service adoption at large.

NARA’s Deputy CIO on the cost advantages of hybrid cloud

by • 7 months ago

National Archives and Records Administration’s Sheena Burrell on how the agency benefits from the scalability and affordability of hybrid cloud for large archival initiatives.

Tech advisor John Evans on the benefits of cloud-as-a-service versus traditional cloud

by • 7 months ago

WWT’s chief technology advisor says agencies with requirements for low latency networking or data locality can look to CaaS to help better unify data and make real-time decisions.

New Jersey’s CTO discusses the state’s evolving hybrid cloud strategies

by • 8 months ago

Christopher Rein says the state is focused on getting the best ROI for modernization mission services by focusing on application development in the cloud.

IT exec Brian Falvey highlights a new, cost-effective private cloud solution

by • 8 months ago

HPE exec explains how GreenLake cloud was designed as a solution to offer agencies greater flexibility in the cost of moving data and apps to a private cloud environment.