IRS to adopt as user authentication tool

by • 3 months ago

The Treasury agency has already made changes that mean taxpayers no longer have to disclose biometric data.

GSA won’t use facial recognition with for now

by • 3 months ago

The agency's secure sign-in team continues to research the technology and to conduct equity and accessibility studies.

Achieve equitable and secure access to citizen services with identity proofing

by • 9 months ago

Blake Hall, CEO for, joins Scoop News Group to discuss how federal and state agencies can improve citizen access through portable identity proofing.

How Arizona saved $40 billion in payouts on fraudulent unemployment claims

by • 9 months ago

A new report looks at how states like Arizona are adopting modern identity verification tools to save billions in fraud and provide benefits to eligible claimants. brings virtual identity proofing to the VA

by • 3 years ago

The digital offering allows veterans to verify their identities via video chat, saving a visit to the nearest VA field office. credential providers hope for widespread agency use

by • 7 years ago

​ is live in its first phase, but only a few agencies so far have agreed to use the uniform digital credential platform. However, as the service matures and its benefits are realized,, one of the credential-providing partners on the project, believes that will change.