identity theft

Government eyes ‘supporting role’ in identity management

by • 3 years ago

Companies want to be your identity service providers and see the Social Security Administration as a test case for making verification more consistent and interoperable.

IRS: Information of 100,000 taxpayers may have been stolen from student aid tool

by • 5 years ago

The tax-collection agency perceived as far back as September that the system could be a target but decided to keep it online.

OPM overpaying for identity theft protections after breach, watchdog says

by • 5 years ago

A newly released report by the Government Accountability Office notes that OPM is providing coverage at a level that is “likely unnecessary” because “claims paid rarely exceed a few thousand dollars.”

IRS suspends online ID protection in wake of new fraud

by • 6 years ago

The IRS has been dealt another blow its fight against tax fraud, announcing Monday that its​ temporarily suspended the use of the Identity Protection PIN tool.