Information Technology Industry Council

Tech associations push Senate to fund TMF, CDM in next relief bill

by • 8 months ago

There is still a critical need for IT modernization and cybersecurity funding as the pandemic continues, a group of six tech associations writes to Senate leaders.

Tech groups push for IT modernization funding in future stimulus packages

by • 11 months ago

The group sent four principles to congressional leadership and the Office of Management and Budget but isn't suggesting investment amounts.

FBI CIO Gordon Bitko departs for trade association ITI

by • 1 year ago

Coming into the new job, Bitko says he understands the "important relationship between the technology industry and agencies at all levels of government."

One organization’s movement to get more techies in Congress

by • 3 years ago

A Democratic, pro-science and technology political action committee wants to help elect more tech-savvy members of Congress who can keep up with emerging, complex tech topics.

What role should government play in setting a ‘vision’ for AI innovation?

by • 3 years ago

The Trump administration doesn't want to regulate AI too tightly — so what should the government be doing?

Industry fears inflexibility in new OMB software policy

by • 5 years ago

Software vendors say they need more clarity from acquisition and IT policymakers on how new guidance for more centralized software licensing​ could affect their flexibility to deliver products and services that fit agencies' specific needs.

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