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The value of ethics in AI, from development to implementation

by • 8 months ago

AI experts explain why ethics and proper training matter as agencies consider developing autonomous applications.

NSF’s new AI Institutes will leverage industry resources to expand network

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The agency has flagged eight new thematic areas where AI research is needed.

Getting more from AI and ML workloads with milCloud 2.0

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DOD agencies and their partners can move on their advanced technology workloads quickly by taking advantage of a fit-for-purpose cloud that lowers cost barriers.

How the evolution of big data analytics improves agency mission outcomes

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Harnessing data in motion expands the public sector’s ability to make more intelligent decisions and deliver services more effectively, say data experts.

Let’s Talk About IT Ep. 10 — The state of federal AI

by • 2 years ago

This episode of Let's Talk About IT, sponsored by Cloudera and Intel, focuses on the federal landscape for artificial intelligence and how agencies are looking to adopt it.

How to put the U.S. back at the helm of AI innovation

by • 2 years ago

In this op-ed, Intel's David Hoffman explains why AI promises major economic and societal benefits that the U.S. would be foolish to forfeit.