intellectual property

USPTO expands use of machine learning with $50M contract

by • 2 years ago

The Patent and Trademark Office plans to pilot tools that will expedite applications and requests, predict fraudulent transactions and reduce backlogs.

CBP successfully tested an ‘interoperable’ blockchain system for protecting intellectual property

by • 2 years ago

The platform uses encrypted keys to securely transmit personally identifiable information and trade secrets on U.S. imports during transactions.

Faster patents require faster IT and contracting, and USPTO’s CIO has goals in place

by • 2 years ago

“We were stifling innovation at the agency for innovation," said the agency's Procurement Systems Division chief.

Murky contractor ownership masks national security threats to IT

by • 2 years ago

The Department of Defense hasn't done a good enough job assessing such threats, the Government Accountability Office found.

Audit: USPTO’s mismanagement of active directory poses ‘significant’ cyber risk

by • 3 years ago

Additionally, the agency failed to protect critical information technology assets found to be vulnerable two years ago, which could lead to intellectual property theft.

How USPTO’s Jill Leyden helps the trademarking process walk the line between legal and personable

by • 4 years ago

Leyden wants to make the trademark process a little bit easier.