Bill to consolidate federal agency software contracts expected to progress in Senate


If enacted, SAMOSAA would compel federal agencies to purchase unlimited software contracts and require greater product interoperability among Big Tech companies providing services to government.

CDC looks to improve internal data sharing with centralized, cloud-based ecosystem


The Enterprise Data Analytics and Visualization (EDAV) platform lets CDC scientists catalog, analyze and publish findings faster.

Legislation would see 8 federal regulators create financial data standards


The Financial Data Transparency Act would give them four years to open the data in a machine-readable format.

‘A lot of work’ still required to enable 5G integration for U.S. military


The NSA wants to help with security, interoperability and deployability requirements for 5G defense applications, says the agency's Neal Ziring.

Transition to federal health data standards an ‘unfunded mandate’ for smaller providers


Large, technically savvy hospitals tend to have an easier time adopting FHIR R4.

HHS adds health data classes and elements for nationwide sharing


The U.S. Core Data for Interoperability sets a baseline for the electronic exchange of health information.