House bill would require IoT cybersecurity training for federal employees


The Office of Management and Budget would ensure the training if a new House bill becomes law.

DOD establishing a director role to lead 5G development


The position will oversee a new Pentagon initiative to support 5G development.

Internet of Things cybersecurity bill is back with bipartisan support


The goal is to ensure that all government agencies are operating under the same set of security guidelines when they buy IoT devices, which have a wide range of civilian and military uses.

How endpoint management tools improve network security and staff workloads


The National Park Service’s CIO and an endpoint IT expert share experiences with endpoint management and advise agencies on specifications to consider.

Intelligence agency wants new tech to safeguard future SCIFs from foreign surveillance


Facing more surveillance tactics from foreign adversaries, IARPA wants new solutions to safeguard the government’s most sensitive meeting sites.

With 5G coming to IoT, Zangardi says the future of cyberdefense is ‘originality’


As the magnitude of IoT devices increases, the DHS chief information officer said the key ingredient for future cyberdefense will be originality.