There’s now a cybersecurity organization dedicated to U.S. sports

by • 6 years ago

In 1984, during the Summer Olympics hosted in Los Angeles, Calif., Soviet athletes boycotted the games. Just four years prior, shortly following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, U.S. athletes did the same when it was Moscow’s turn to host the summer games. Today, it appears that some contemporary protests may have taken the form of a cyberattack; as Russia has been blamed for hacking into the World Anti-Doping Agency, or WADA, and doxing several prominent american athletes.

Experts: No cybersecurity without collaboration

by • 6 years ago

The fanciest cybersecurity tools in the world are not going to help keep up with the advanced cybersecurity threats the nation faces unless more emphasis is placed on collaboration between between the people using the technology.

Medical device makers need to share info, but how?

by • 6 years ago

There's incredible diversity among medical device manufacturers, which raises some questions about what a threat information sharing would look like.

DHS official: Both public and private sectors ‘blind’ to cyber risk

by • 6 years ago

Mike Echols, who is DHS’ point person for implementation of President Barack Obama’s February 2015 cybersecurity executive order​, spoke about how both the public and private sector have not done enough to realize the scope and speed at which cyber attacks can damage critical systems.